Brandon's Photoshop Action Set

Action created by Brandon Batie (subscriber contributor) © All rights reserved.

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Brandon's Photoshop Action Set
Actions created by Brandon Batie  © All rights reserved.

Download & Installation Instructions: The download of the action is extremely fast due to the small compressed file size. The name of the file is: The file must be unzipped to extract the action file named BrandonsPhotoActions.atn.
If this is an upgrade to an earlier version of the Brandon's Actions, delete the old actions from the Adobe Photoshop action menu. The BrandonsPhotoActions.atn file must be placed in the Presets/Photoshop Actions folder that is located in the Photoshop program folder. Click on Photoshop Help ---> Search ---> and enter "action" for the searched word. The Adobe Photoshop section entitled "Saving and Loading Actions" explains the exact location and procedure for the action file depending on the type of operating system you are using.
In the Adobe Photoshop Action Window, click on the little circular arrow located in the top right hand corner of the window. Select Load Actions and then select the file BrandonsPhotoActions.atn. The new action will only be displayed if you copied the BrandonsPhotoActions.atn action file into the correct directory.
Please DO NOT send any email questions to Outdoor Eyes regarding the installation or use of the actions. Thank you.
This action set currently contains 17 different actions.

1. 25% Correction: Use Auto Levels, Contrast and Color faded to 25% to enhance image.

2. Full Auto Correction: Automatically runs Auto Levels, Contrast and Color.

3. Curves Correction: Uses curves to correct image.

4. Sharpen: Sharpens image using Lab mode.

5. Screen Correction: Uses a screen overlay to correct image.

6. Sharpen Custom: Uses Lab mode to sharpen image, allows for custom setting.

7. Auto Correction: Enhances and sharpens image in one step.

8. Scale 38% for Screen Saver: Scales 6.3 mega pixel image to good size for screen savers.

9. Hue / Sat 30 / -15: Adjust the hue and saturation to bring out natural colors.

10. Brandon's Painting Action: Converts image to painting style.

11. Brandon's IR Action 1: Adjusts image to an IR appearance.

12. Brandon's IR Action 2: Adjusts image to an IR appearance, second version.

13. Brandon's B & W IR: A black and white IR apearence.

14. Brandon's Black and White: Adjusts image to black and white.

15. Title Border Horizontal: Places a border, title and copy right on image, for 6.3 mega pixel images.

16. Title Border Vertical: Places a border, title and copy right on image, for 6.3 mega pixel images.

17. Brandon's Sketch: Converts image to hand drawn sketch look.

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