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Saving The Whales On Cape Cod
What started out as a normal kayaking day, couldn't prepare us to what this day would bring.

Paddling The Monomoys
Travel by kayak to the North and South Monomoy Islands where you paddle with the 1,000 pound seals, sandbars that stretch for miles and strong rip currents.

The Island That Sometimes Is
Travel by kayak to Billingsgate Island, an Island that was once home to thirty-three homes, a schoolhouse, a factory and a lighthouse that marked the entrance to Wellfleet Harbor. The island is now only visible at low tide.

Paddling With The Best
Kayaking with Derek Hutchinson, a personal friend of mine and the man that many consider the father of modern day kayaking.

Paddling With The Tall Ships
Kayaking with the tallest ships of the world. Experience what it is like to be near and up close to the ships that used to sail the high seas.

Follow History In The Making With The Mekong River Descent
Michael O'Shea will undertake the first descent of one of the greatest rivers on Earth by kayak, The Mekong River. This magnificent river passes through some of the most spectacular and challenging environments on Earth.


Plans Of A Photographer For Grand Teton NP
Read about all the plans a dedicated photograph has to make to visit the Tetons.

Photography In The Grand Teton NP
Read about the photography trip and how to photograph in The Grand Teton National Park.

Looking for Something, Finding More - A Tale of a National Park Adventure
Our first stay was in the Badlands, South Dakota. Not only was I awed, overwhelmed would be a better word.

Photographing The Apocalypse, AZ
Time seems different once I am on the road, which I have always called Apocalypse road. Not one other person has passed on the old thoroughfare as I have put my boots to it.

Cabin Fever and Feisty Birds!
But a few months ago disaster struck. I broke my foot! Weeks hobbled by and one morning I awoke with a bad case of cabin fever.

Be Completely Sure
My hope is that my misfortune will save another photographer from suffering the same fate.

Hiking & Climbing

An Adventure To Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica
Read about the climbing and the photographing of Crater Activo.

Climbing Mount Elbrus
High winds, poor visibility and horizontal hail at 5,000 meters had forced their retreat. Nothing new... no one had summitted in the past month.

Mont Blanc The Novice Way
We assumed our Guide would ensure we were properly acclimatized. In hindsight, we had clearly relied on him far too much.

Victoria Falling (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)
It very gradually dawned on me that I was about to die in the African bush, or at the very least be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

The Kauai Hike of a Lifetime
At the time I did not realize, that I had begun the greatest hike of my life.

Start Them Young - Part 1
Hiking with a 3 year old turned out to be quite a surprise!

Start Them Young - Part 2
Hiking with a 3 year old can be very challenging or it can be both educational and fun for all.


Autumn Discovery - A Fishing Story
I was wet and frustrated and it was time to get on home, but I had a mission now. I was going to catch one of those fish.

Times Have Changed but the Breeze Still Feels the Same
I loved all four seasons as a kid because each one brought something special into my life.

A Younger Day Fishing Story
It was the biggest bass I had ever landed in my LIFE!

Travel & Adventure Travel

Too much to do in London!
No one can truly say they know London well. To know London completely is impossible. London changes faster than pigeons descending into the fountains of Trafalgar Square.

Bunbury Western Australia
Located 175km south of Perth, the city and its neighboring suburbs have a population of 52,000 and Bunbury is one of Australia's fastest growing cities.

Busselton Western Australia
The Bay was named after his ship whilst the river was named the Vasse after a sailor who went missing in mysterious circumstances.

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge lays right in the heart of the United States Central Flyway for migratory birds.

Real Adventures Require High Adrenaline
What are the differences of real adventures that requires high adrenaline?

Make Sure You Get the Best Stay
When you hop around places for business or leisure, there are plenty of reasons to worry about.

The Udzungwa Mountains National Park
This park is a series of mountain rangers and interlocking valleys and only experienced hikers can mange this difficult terrain.

The Smells of The Open Road
It's not until we take the motorbike out for a drive that I realize how much I'm missing by being in a tightly sealed car.

Outdoor Adventure in Ireland
Ireland holds an unparalleled character as an ideal fishing and angling spot.

Beat Off the Heat in Dublin
Dublin has the benefit of being a home to unequaled beaches.

India - A Land For All Seasons
India is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia. India is a large country in southern Asia.


How to Know When You've Been Told A Great Story?
Everyone who has an appreciation for the outdoors has a story to tell that is just his, and no one else's.

Driving slowly down the road, we were trying to assess the damage. We were losing the battle, but we had to persevere.

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