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Hiking In The National Parks

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My 30 year career as a National Park Ranger all across the U.S. provided great opportunities for photography during my off-duty hours. A few of my photos are posted on this gallery for your viewing, and I would welcome your comments on the images. I'll offer some photos for sale through this Gallery at some point in the future.
My work as a ranger also provided material for the recently released book, ''Hey Ranger! True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from America's National Parks.'' This fun book takes a look at the lighter side of miscues in the Great Outdoors, and it has been well received by readers. Information about the book and links to major booksellers are available at". I'm now at work on the sequel, so if you have some humorous stories of your own about outdoor adventures, I'd be glad to consider them for the next book. Information is available on the ''share your story'' page on the above website.
I've also had the opportunity to be a contributor to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter, and to several national periodicals, including the Saturday Evening Post, Family History Magazine, Reminisce Extra and The Upper Room.
I hope you'll enjoy the photos - and the book!


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