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I spent twenty-two years in the Army and never touched my camera! I travelled across Europe from Scotland to Sicily - scouted the Carribbean - and even explored Iceland and Greenland. I lived in all parts of the United States from New England to the West Coast and the Southern seaboard and do you believe it? I don't have one-single image documenting what I had seen during those twenty-two years!
I've been retired for some time now and don't get enough travel logged-in anymore. But, when I do venture out, I always take my cameras with me and do the best I can to visit all the scenic wonders surrounding me. I've visited several National Parks, some of them several times, at different times of the year because each season presents a different view of the Park. I'm a film shooter and usually end up exposing around twenty rolls of transparency film on each outing because I want the best shot I can possibly get.


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