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Selling Photographs

Selling & Promoting Your Photographs
Hints and tips on how to sell and promote your photographs.
Sell Your Photographs Retail
There is one feeling that you will never experience and that is Knowing that someone bought one of your photographs, took the time to frame it and hung it on their wall.
Sell Photographs Online
Selling your photographs is no different from selling anything else... it takes time and a lot of work.
How To Package And Ship Photographs
When you have a system in place, the whole process takes about 3-4 minutes.
Pricing Your Photographs
One of the major concerns novice photographers have is in pricing their photographic work.
Making An Income With Your Photography
A hobby that pays for itself doesn't have to be a dream.
How To Create a Photography Calendar
A calendar is an excellent showcase for your favorite images as well as being an individual gift for family and friends.
Screen Savers for Promotion and Profit
There are many ways to use screen savers to profit from your photography, both directly and indirectly.
Photograph Delivery Memos
In a nutshell the Delivery Memo serves as proof of custody for slides or print film.
Making A Living With Photography
I suppose it's the dream of most photographers to make a living from the hobby and it can be done.
How To Do A Photo Shoot Tips
Here are a few tips on how to do and prepare for a photo shoot.
How To Choose The Right Photo Paper To Print Pictures
Choosing the right photo paper for printing is one of the most important factors in producing great prints.
The Selling - Earning Money From Your Photographs
Photography is an expensive hobby and if you are an amateur photograph you can start earning money from your hobby.
Building A Photography Website
I am quite often asked for my opinions on arts-related web sites (mostly by photographers), and I tend to make the same observations over and over.

Marketing & Promoting

How To Become A Photographer
Creative ideas to help you get ahead in becoming a photographer.
Marketing Your Photographs
What started out as a great adventure and dreams of riches has turned into a mountain of work, primarily due to lack of planning.
Outdoor Writer's Organizations
Annual association conferences are geared to learn who's who while personally networking directly with the right people who are looking to publish your photography work.
Writing Outdoor Articles For Magazines
Annual association conferences are geared to learn who's who while personally networking directly with the right people who are looking to publish your photography work.
Photographs That Sell
So, what is it about that winning picture that produced a sale?
Dramatic Photographs Sell
The dramatic shots generally have an unusual element that makes them stand out from the crowd.
Choosing & Purchasing A Photograph
What makes you want this particular print? It's just a photograph, a picture like any other. Or is it?
The Limitations Of On-The-Go Photography
The limitations of On-The-Go Digital Photography are just in your mind.
How To Get Ahead In Photography
Here are a list of business ideas to help you get ahead in photography.
Professional Photography
If you'd like to consider photography as something more than just a creative outlet or a hobby you may be on your way to discovering a new career path
How To Really Get Ahead
The photography field becomes more competitive daily. As a freelance photographer, you need to make sure people know who you are and what you are capable of.
Get the E-mail Marketing Results You Deserve With Stellar Copy
You know the importance of communicating with your customers on a regular basis, yet you are not getting the response you want through your e-mail marketing campaign.
Three Tips for Outdoor Retailers to Increase Revenue
Letís discuss the three marketing tactics you must use in order to grow your outdoor retail business despite our weakening economy

Other Ideas

How To Organize Slides
I've sent up to twenty slides to a magazine picture editor and didn't get them back for months. However, I knew exactly where they were at all times.
How To Start An Outdoor Magazine
When looking into starting an outdoor, or any magazine, you first have to look at if the market can handle the publication.
How To Be A Good Critiquer
This article contains some hints for people who are unsure of how to critique, or of what they may get if they post an image.

My Outdoor Eyes Photography Blog

Early Morn At Lecount Hollow Beach In Wellfleet On Cape Cod.

The sun was beautiful on the water at Lecount Hollow Beach the other morning. Love how you can see the sun high in the sky and also reflecting on that blue ocean. So pretty, don’t you think?

Beautiful Clouds At Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod.

Rock Harbor was just spectacular †the other day. I loved the clouds in the blue, blue sky with the tide going out. It almost looks like spring it is around the corner! So pretty, don’t you think?

Black And Gray Brant At Wellfleet Harbor On Cape Cod.

The Brant is a part of the geese family and can be seen on Cape cod during the winter months. This Brant was sauntering along the shore at Wellfleet Harbor. It’s very distinguishable with its black head and belly and brown-grey upperparts. It has pale grey underparts. It’s easiest to identify by its broken collar … Continue reading Black And Gray Brant At Wellfleet Harbor On Cape Cod.

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