Thoughts On Digital Editing
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There has much been written about using digital editing for the purpose of retouching a photograph. Digital images are either images from digital cameras or scanned Greater Yellow Legs Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes photographs and scanned slides. I prefer to leave my photographs untouched as I believe that the process of photography is what the camera captures at that moment. I will sometimes use digital editing to salvage a photograph that I particularly like. But, whatever digital editing you decide to do with your photographs is a decision that you will eventually have to decide for yourself.
But where do you draw the line? If a misplaced branch exists in the photograph of yours and you don't really like the branch... click and it is gone with digital editing software. If the sky is not blue or you need a few clouds... click and a new sky with clouds appear. Is the new image really a photograph that was originally captured with a camera? You must decide what is best for you and the debate of digital editing will continue for quite a long time. There is no right or wrong concerning digital editing. The choice is yours and whatever the choice.. it is the right one for you.

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Is It A Shark At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod?

We were walking down Coast Guard Beach when we saw what looked like a shark buried in the sand. How funny! So, I took a photo from one angle and Phil took a photo from the opposite angle. (Click on blog link to see other photo.) So totally different, don’t you think? Do,do, do, do…. … Continue reading Is It A Shark At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod?

Egret Convention On The Salt Marsh On Cape Cod.

We don’t usually see so many Egrets all together, so it looked like a mini-convention with them all milling about in the tall grass by Cape Cod Bay. I loved the photograph; what do you think?

Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod.

This was such a pretty view of the rock with the  waves splashing over it as the tide was coming in on Nauset Light Beach.

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