An Interesting Use Of Photography As An Art Form
Photography and Text By Jeff Nussdorf © All rights reserved.

Daniel Fischer Digital Photography  Edge Media Group Daniel Fischer's form of art is combining painting with photography. An 80" x 80" white canvas is inserted into the ground in front of a scene which he will paint as well as photograph. The white box in the photograph on the right indicates where the canvas is hidden (otherwise you would not be able to see the canvas in the photograph). On the canvas, he paints a scene of what is directly behind the canvas. A photograph is taken of the finished painted canvas along with the surroundings (a black box indicates the photograph size). His finished art includes the painting and the photograph together as a set (the photograph is enlarged to the same size as the canvas). They are mounted side by side, so when you look at the photograph you initially think you are looking at a scene. But, you are really looking at a photograph with the painting in the middle. When you look at the painting and the photograph together as one piece of artwork, it all makes sense. He has a book which shows his artwork and photography that were created all around the world.

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