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   OUTDOOR EYES NEWSLETTER September 2003 Issue      

Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • Take Advantage Of The Forum
  • About Landscape Photography
  • The Photography Plan
  • Thoughts On Digital Editing
  • Wildlife Photography Tips
  • Nature Photography Stoppers
  • What Is Your Measure Of Success?
    Subscriber's Contributions
  • Swap Color Channels Photoshop Action
  • Black & White w/Tint Photoshop Action
  • Advanced Blue Sky Photoshop Technique
  • ...Take Advantage Of The Forum

    The forum continues the learning process of the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter as many of the topics in the OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes newsletter are discussed and more helpful information is contributed by the the forum members. If you haven't participated in the forum, please do so as your learning experience will be enhanced. There are many helpful members that will guide you along to help you post your photographs or to answer even the easiest of your questions. If you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, you will definitely learn from the Outdoor Eyes Forum. Your participation in the forum will lead you to a brand new understanding of outdoor photography. And while you're visiting, don't forget to join the new individual camera groups.  Top
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    ...A Few Words About Landscape Photography
    by Mahesh (forum contributor)

    These are some things off the OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes top of my head. Basic things, but may be helpful for the beginner. More than a few of you have asked me "my secret" to landscape photography. I don't know if I have any secrets, but let me share with those of you who care to read the ramblings of a 28 year old, some of my basic tips. Great reading for those who want to learn the basics of landscape photography.  Top
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    ...The Photography Plan For My Vacation
    by Terry (forum contributor)

    Mid to late September I look to visit Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming. If not there, I'll be going to Yosemite National OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes Park in California but... it looks like the Tetons right now. It's late enough in the season so most of the summer people will be gone but too early for the snow bunnies to be there. By all means...I don't expect to have the park all to myself though. Great reading for those who are interested in how a photographer approaches his craft.  Top
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    ...Thoughts On Digital Editing

    There has much been written OE 
Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes about using digital editing for the purpose of retouching a photograph. Digital images are either images from digital cameras or scanned photographs and scanned slides.  Top
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    ...Wildlife Photography Tips

    Nature always wins. There will OE 
Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes always be photo opportunities for you each day. You will never get them all because you weren't ready or you came by 2 minutes too late. In fact, you may still be talking about an opportunity that you didn't capture that occurred 5 years ago. Look forward to the next opportunity.  Top
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    ...Nature Photography Stoppers

    A lot of energy is consistently pushing modern world people from all sides and at all times during the day. Some of this energy turns OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes into mind and body baggage. Some of the baggage of the mind is like walking through life with sunglasses on. The moment the sunglasses are taken off, the world becomes a more brilliant and vibrant place. But, unfortunately, the sunglasses of modern day people remain worn for most of the day and it affects their Outdoor Eyes and their photography. What, then, must be eliminated?  Top
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    From The Editor
    What Is Your Measure Of Success?

    This year, my wife and I had decided that we were going to summit a mountain that we failed to reach last OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes year at Rocky Mountain National Park. It seemed that the whole trip revolved around the anticipation of hiking to the summit. We arrived at the park and for the next 4 days we acclimated ourselves to the altitude and climbed and hiked easier trails to get ourselves ready for that spectacular climb. During those 4 days, we noticed that the thunderstorms were coming into the park a lot earlier than past years. In fact, we decided to leave at 7:00 in the morning and that 12:15 would be the approximate time to be on top. The climb went exactly as planned except at 12:15 we saw thunder clouds approaching. We were about 40 feet from the top and needed only another 30 minutes to summit. We decided to turn back as we were about 1½ miles from tree line and lightning storms are extremely dangerous at that altitude. We returned safely as the rain and hail beat down on our rain gear. Is your photography the same as trying to summit? Do your expectations interfere with your final photograph? Are you always trying to make every photograph that you take a summit? How do you measure your success?  Top

    Subscriber Contributions
    Swap Color Channels
    Photoshop Action

    by Chris East

    For those wanting to explore Color Infrared Photography, these actions will give some interesting OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes effects. Using the swap red/blue color channels produces an almost natural blue color for the sky, leaving the remainder of the scene relatively untouched. The effect is rendered on a separate layer so you can simply delete the layer if you don't like the result.  Top
    Download swap channel action. »

    Black & White + Tint
    Tone Photoshop Action

    by Johny Åkerlund

    Another great action has been submitted by Johny Åkerlund. This Adobe Photoshop action will change your OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes color photograph to a black and white photograph. You also have the ability to change the type of tint tone used for your photograph.  Top
    Download black & white action. »

    Advanced Blue Sky
    With Adobe Photoshop

    by Kent Christiansen

    Sometimes the sky does not cooperate when a great photograph opportunity comes by. This technique only OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes applies to photographs that have a decent blue sky to begin with. Using the technique described below will alter the color of the blue sky in your photograph.  Top
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    Mahesh, Terry, Chris, Johny, Kent... Thanks.

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