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Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • Take Advantage Of The Forum
  • Infrared Photography
  • How To Sell & Promote Your Photographs
  • Saving The Whales On Cape Cod
  • Snowshoes
  • It Must Be The Camera!
  • Mitered Frames Photoshop Action
  • Add Fog Photoshop Technique
  • Blown Sky Photoshop Action
  • ...Take Advantage Of The Forum

    OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes The forum continues the learning process of the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter as many of the topics in the newsletter are discussed and more helpful information is contributed by the forum members. There are now 19 photograph galleries. Take the Outdoor Eyes challenge and post your first question, comment or photograph. If you need any assistance in posting, write to me for help.  Top

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    ...Infrared Photography
    by Mitch Schlesinger (forum contributor)

    To the human eye, infrared is OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes a colorless and invisible spectrum. Fortunately for photographers, infrared light can be captured on film and via digital media, with interesting and sometimes colorful results.  Top
    Learn about infrared photography

    ...How To Sell & Promote Your Photographs
    by Sal (forum contributor)

    Do I sell photos? OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes Yes I do... and I am always thinking of ways to promote myself and my photography. Here are some helpful tips to help you sell and promote your photography.  Top
    Selling & Promoting Your Photographs.

    ...Saving The Whales On Cape Cod
    by Mel Tulin (forum contributor)

    What began as a day of great anticipation turned out to be one of mixed emotions. As we were OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes loading the kayaks with our gear, an elderly gentleman stopped by and asked if we knew where the pilot whales had beached themselves. We told him that they had beached at Dennis yesterday, but they were rallied out to sea and were fine. He informed us that he had just heard on the news that they were beached again in Wellfleet Bay. There was no hesitation as we had to go to try to save the whales.  Top
    Saving the whales on Cape Cod.


    My choice in a snowshoe was made after a lot of research. OE Digital Photography  Outdoor EyesI had certain requirements that I needed in a snowshoe and you should decide what you need, too. The main requirement was that the snowshoe had to be versatile enough to take me wherever I might want to go to photograph: rugged climbs or just an easy walk through the woods. Here was my choice of snowshoe. Start researching now before the first winter snow.  Top
    Learn about snowshoes.

    From The Editor
    It Must Be The Camera!

    I have been noticing lately that there is a correlation between the word "Hi" and what you are OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes doing at that particular moment. So, I started doing some experiments to see if I was right in some of my assumptions. I take a walk almost every day around the neighborhood with my wife before or after dinner. During our hour walk, we pass many people along the way. If my wife says "Hi" to them first, they will respond "Hi" back. But if my wife does not say "Hi", the majority of the people will not say "Hi." When we traveled to Colorado to hike the Rockies, almost everyone that we met along the trails said "Hi." We had something in common... backpacks, as we passed on the trails. And when we met kayakers on the water, almost every kayaker says "Hi." We had something in common... paddles, as we passed on the water. Then a light bulb turned on in my head. I bet there is a correlation between the word "Hi" and whether or not a person perceives that you are interested in something that they are interested in. So, the next time my wife and I walked around the neighborhood, I brought my camera. It was in full view as someone was passing us on the sidewalk. Low and behold, about a third of the people said "Hi" to us. It must be the camera! They all must be interested in photography!  Top

    Adobe Photoshop Actions
    & Techniques

    Bud's Mitered Frames
    Photoshop Action

    by Bud Guinn

    For those wanting to explore framing your photographs, use Bud Guinn's Mitered OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes Frames for Adobe Photoshop. This action will give you a wide assortment of types of frames to match any of your favorite photographs. There are many samples of the types of frames that you can choose from.  Top
    Download mitered frames action.

    Add Fog Photoshop Technique
    by Bill Richardson

    Sometimes you might want to add a little fog to your OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes photograph to give your photograph a totally different look. The following instructions describe how to add fog to your photograph using Adobe Photoshop.  Top
    Learn how to add fog.

    Blown Sky Photoshop Action
    by Bill Richardson

    Did you ever drop your almost great photograph into the recycle bin because the OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes sky was blown out with a undefined white color? Before you delete a blown sky photograph again, use this Photoshop action to create a new blue sky for your photograph.  Top
    Download blown sky action.

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    Bud, Bill, Mitch, Bob, Sal... Thanks.

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