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   OUTDOOR EYES NEWSLETTER November 2003 Issue      

Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • Take Advantage Of The Forum
  • How To Create a Photography Calendar
  • Pre-Visualizing Exposure With A Digital Camera
  • How To Photograph In The Grand Teton NP
  • The Use Of A Laser Pointer To Focus
  • Regain Your Youth
  • Bill's Oil Painting Photoshop Action
  • Enhancing Exposure Latitude Technique
  • Black & White Conversion Technique
  • ...Take Advantage Of The Forum

    OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes Many of the members who receive this newsletter have visited the forum but have yet to post a comment or photographs. There so many great topics of interest and a wealth of information that you can learn from. By becoming an active member of the forum and posting a few comments or photographs, you will learn faster than just reading this newsletter. I encourage you to become a participant.  Top
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    Last 12 Forum Discussions

    ...How To Create a Photography Calendar
    by Andrea (forum contributor)

    OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes A calendar is an excellent showcase for your favorite images as well as being an individual gift for family and friends. This article details how to achieve a professional looking product and it is based on my own experience. Andrea has created a calendar for 2003 and now she is in the process of creating the 2004 version.  Top
    Learn how to create your own calendar. »

    ...Pre-Visualizing Exposure With A Digital Camera
    by Eland (forum contributor)

    One of the hottest followed techniques that has come out of the forum yet! The last two photographs of OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes the week have used this wonderful photography technique. We encourage everyone to try it and to post in the forum a photograph using the Pre-Visualization Exposure (PVE) technique from Eland. Digital Finders show not only the content of the proposed photograph, but also the exposure. When you click the shutter what you see in the finder is what you will get.  Top
    Learn how to use pre-visualizing exposure (PVE). »

    ...How To Photograph In The Grand Teton NP
    by Terry Long (forum contributor)

    Learn about the places to go, how to get there and how to photograph Grand Teton NP. This article gives you all the information that you might need on your journey through Grand Teton National OE 
Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes Park. Terry researched before he left and this a story about his trip. "The visit to the Grand Teton NP was a fantastic adventure. I couldn't have asked for a better companion than Sam (my dog). She was so good while there. I met quite a few fellow photographers and learned from some of their experiences. I hope I was able to share a little of my knowledge with them, too. I had been looking to visit the Tetons for quite some time and can now say I've been there and back."  Top
    Learn how to photograph Grand Teton NP. »

    ...The Use Of A Laser Pointer To Focus
    by Ed Jeavons (forum contributor)

    A creative method from Ed regarding the use of a laser pointer to focus in dim light situations. For those that have never heard of using a laser pointer with your camera before, it is a way that OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes some people have found to help their camera focus on a subject when the ambient light is too dim for the camera to do it on its own. Those with focus assist lamps or a manual focus facility can often get around this problem, but many users who don’t have these are stuck with blurry photos! Using a laser pointer with a patterned head, you can shine a bright image onto the subject and give the camera something to lock onto.  Top
    Learn how to use a laser Pointer. »

    From The Editor
    Regain Your Youth

    Just recently, a new member joined the forum. He chose his name as New Beginner as his parents had just OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes bought him a new digital camera. He came on the forum like a flash as he did not have the old age blockers that seem to creep up on us all as we become older in age... too strenuous, too difficult, too long a trip... too EMBARRASSING, too... too... He wanted to learn about photography and no question he asked was too embarrassing or no photograph he posted was too embarrassing. Everyone on the forum realized his enthusiasm and was willing to offer advice. Remember when you were youthful and didn't really have any comprehension of the word EMBARRASSING to stop the progress of learning? Everything was new and exciting. If you have forgotten how to really learn and experience, try to remember that feeling of your youth and it will all come back to you.  Top

    Adobe Photoshop Actions
    & Techniques

    Bill's Oil Painting
    Photoshop Action

    by Bill Richardson

    Here's another great action from Bill Richardson. Bill has contributed many actions OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes for Outdoor Eyes and one is no different... a great one indeed. Download this Adobe Photoshop action and change any of your photographs into a beautiful watercolor painting.  Top
    Download oil painting action. »

    Enhancing Exposure
    Latitude Technique

    By John (Mr. Jalapeño)

    Mr. Jalapeño's digital editing wisdom has been read extensively on the Internet and OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes his first contribution to Outdoor Eyes is a great one! One quick technique for enhancing the exposure latitude of an image is applying Blend modes to a selection of the highlights. This Adobe Photoshop technique may allow you to enhance the highlight and shadow information contained in the image.  Top
    Learn how to enhance exposure. »

    Black & White Conversion Technique
    By John (Mr. Jalapeño)

    And now a second contribution of another great technique from OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes Mr. Jalapeño. Sometimes you might want to change your photograph to a black & white photograph to give it a totally different look. Here's a technique to demonstrate how it is accomplished.  Top
    B&W Conversion Technique. »

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    Bill, John, Terry, Andrea, Eland, Ed... Thanks.

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