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   OUTDOOR EYES NEWSLETTER June 2003 Issue      

Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter. I realize that not all articles will be of Logo equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • The New Forum
  • Solving Your Battery Needs
  • Sharpen The Hair and Eyes
  • The Art Of Seeing
  • Learning To Drop Your Camera
  • Removing Unwanted Blemishes
  • Anticipation
    Subscriber's Contributions
  • Blue Sky Enhancement
  • The Subject Calls To Me
  • ...The New Outdoor Eyes Forum

    A Forum has been recently added to Outdoor Eyes. The forum includes numerous specialized topics on OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes Outdoor Photography and Outdoor Adventure similar to the articles written in this newsletter. The forum includes special groups, photography galleries to post your favorite photographs, private mail, plus many other features. The forum membership and the newsletter subscription are separate; you are not a member of the forum unless you have registered. The forum will allow you to share, participate and discuss techniques written in this newsletter. Please take a moment to register to help kick start this exciting new forum.  Top
    Join the new Outdoor Eyes Forum.

    ...Learn How To Solve Your Battery Needs

    The digital camera has many advantages, but the major disadvantage is the chewing up of battery OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes power. There is no problem with battery power when you return to your hotel room and a battery charger renews the needed battery power of 4 AA batteries in 1 hour. How do you manage battery power when you are away from electricity for days at a time?  Top
    Learn how to solve your battery needs.

    ...How To Sharpen The Hair and Eyes

    Sometimes you need to sharpen OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes the hair and eyes while at the same time leaving the skin natural. Using the Adobe Photoshop technique described in this article will add sharpness to the hair and eyes in your photograph while maintaining the original skin tone.  Top
    Learn how to sharpen hair and eyes.

    ...The Art Of Seeing

    Unfortunately, most modern day OE 
Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes people walk through nature with their heads slightly tilted downward and their eyes looking at the ground. Unfortunately, great photography opportunities are missed when the eyes are continuously looking at the ground.  Top
    Learn the art of seeing.

    ...Learning To Drop Your Camera

    I really don't mean dropping, OE 
Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes such as bouncing your camera off the ground. I mean just putting it away and really enjoying the moment. How many times have you've been torn between really participating in the moment and photographing the moment. Sometimes it proves more beneficial when you just forget the camera... just for that moment.  Top
    Learning to drop your camera.

    From The Editor

    What separates one photographer from the next, one whitewater kayaker from the next, one surfer from the next and on and on and on? The word that comes to mind is anticipation. It is the anticipation OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes of what is about to happen that takes a person to that next level of accomplishment. Why do you sometimes gasp for air when you see a powerful photograph or a surfer that catches a 25 foot wave only to carve his way out of the impact zone. The photographer is no different than the surfer. The photographer anticipates when the sun is going to emerge at that perfect moment from behind the clouds the same way that the surfer anticipates when the wave is going to peak and break. The anticipation of that exact moment differentiates the caliber of one photographer's photograph against another, even if the two photographers were at the same location at the very same time. How do you rate your anticipation?  Top

    Subscriber Contributions
    Blue Sky Enhancement
    by Bill Richardson

    Another great technique has been submitted by Bill Richardson. This Adobe Photoshop technique will OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes change a dull blue sky in your photograph to a vibrant blue sky. This is a new and different technique from a previous technique of adding blue sky and clouds. Sometimes the sky does not cooperate when a great photograph opportunity comes by. This technique will salvage that dull blue moment. Give it a try!  Top
    Learn how to add blue sky.

    The Subject Calls To Me
    And I Respond

    by Manny

    I am the 74 year old retired clinical psychologist in last month's "From The Editor" section. Retirement on Cape Cod has given me the time to spend most days hiking through nature's glorious and OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes generous bounty of which this superb maritime bit of land abounds. In all honesty I know nothing about the technicalities of the photographic process. When the friends with whom I share my photos ask me how I go about capturing a subject, I describe the process as follows: The subject calls to me, I respond and I enter into a relationship with it through the lens. I take it home to relive the evoked moment at will.  Top

    Click here to submit your story or a helpful photography technique.
    Bill, Manny... Thanks for the submits.
    Retouching Dust, Scratches and Blemishes

    Sometimes the rubber stamp will OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes not remove the blemishes from your photographs. There is another option available to quickly remove those blemishes. Using the Adobe Photoshop technique described in this article will easily remove unwanted blemishes from your photograph.  Top
    How to remove blemishes.

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