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   OUTDOOR EYES NEWSLETTER December 2003 Issue      

Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • The Forum Challenge
  • Setup For Wildlife Photography
  • Tips For A Safe And Respectable Birding Trip
  • An Adventure To Costa Rica
  • The Reward Of Being Team Member
  • Astrophotography
  • Life's Lessons... Did I Learn?
  • Bill's Dynamic Range Action Set
  • Using 50% Gray To Enhance Exposure
  • Adjusting Contrast & Bring Out Shadow Detail
  • ...The Forum Challenge

    OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes Challenge yourself this month to post a photograph in one of the 19 photography galleries. There are just starting, average, advanced and professional photographers sharing their photographs and their knowledge. You will become better by participating. I encourage everyone that hasn't participated to try and you will be greatly rewarded. If you need help or have forgotten your id, just send me an email and I will help along.  Top
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    ...Setup For Wildlife Photography
    by Dreamer Of Dreams (forum contributor)

    OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes Since I have been posting my wildlife photos in the Outdoor Eyes Forum (particularly my night shots), I have had several people inquire about my set-up for taking pictures. So I decided to snap a couple of quick pictures for illustration purposes.  Top
    The setup for wildlife photography.

    ...Tips For A Safe And Respectable Birding Trip
    by Dave Pelletier (forum contributor)

    Birding can be a very soothing and joy filled adventure. Hearing the OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes beautiful songs and watching the various activities of these winged creatures can make you forget all your problems while in the field. Unless you live in an area that has all the species of birds, you will eventually have to travel around to find suitable places to find new bird species.  Top
    Tips for safe birding.

    ...An Adventure To Costa Rica
    by Ken Beedle (forum contributor)

    With less than a mile remaining I wedged the bag with the lenses and 35mm Nikon OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes in the rocks keeping the lighter digital camera around my waist. I was out of water and the rest of the climb was a 75 degree angle straight up but I was going to make it. At 60 years old, I was not quitting. A fascinating account of the ascent to the top of the volcanoes.  Top
    An Adventure To Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica.

    ...The Reward Of Being A Team Member
    by Carol (forum contributor)

    OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes Geese when heading south for the winter are a beautiful sight and sound, flying in the V formation. There is far more than meets the eye in the sequence of events. Science has discovered why they fly that way.  Top
    Learn about the flight of the geese.

    by Brad Buskey (forum contributor)

    With a little knowledge, OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes you can combine your love of photography with your love of Astronomy to photograph the moon, the planets and more. Learn the basics and more about Astrophotography.  Top
    Learn about Astrophotography.

    From The Editor
    Life's Lesson... Did I Learn?

    Four days ago I finally had my chance to photograph the elusive Great Blue Heron. I have photographed the bird over 400 times, but I never had THE PHOTOGRAPH. But this time it would be different. All the OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes elements of a great photograph were in place and this particular bird's feathers were magnificent. It was a wonderful opportunity but there was one problem. It was 8:00am on Thanksgiving and I was going to have to walk 100 feet across a person's yard (trespassing with a camera). I contemplated. It would only take moments to cross the yard and take the photographs. Even though I was tempted, I decided against it. Three days later, I passed the same pond and low and behold the Great Blue Heron was there again. But this time, the bird was even closer and I didn't have to walk across anyone's property. When I was finished, I knew that I had THE PHOTOGRAPH. As I sat in my car, I reflected on the fact that when you make the right decisions in life (about not trespassing), you will be rewarded later. That thought was short lived as I didn't even have time to start the engine when.... WHAM! My car was hit from behind. I am now sitting here trying to figure out if I really learned anything from this particular life's test.  Top

    Adobe Photoshop Actions
    & Techniques

    Bill's Dynamic Range
    Action Set

    by Bill Richardson

    Bill's Dynamic Range Extender can really extend the dynamic range of your OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes image. (You can throw away those aggravating Neutral Density filters! Download this Adobe Photoshop action and adjust an image's highlights and shadows independently.  Top
    Download dynamic range action.

    Using 50% Gray
    To Enhance Exposure

    By Bonnie

    One quick technique for enhancing the exposure latitude of an image and bringing OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes out the detail is applying 50% gray to a new layer. This Adobe Photoshop technique may allow you to enhance the highlight and shadow information contained in the image.  Top
    50% gray technique.

    Adjusting Contrast
    And Shadow Detail

    By Mahesh

    With digital, it behooves one to shoot for the highlights. But this forces you to OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes compromise a bit at the shadows. In addition, many of us shoot with low contrast to make sure we get as much dynamic range as possible, opting to adjust the contrast/curves later in Photoshop.  Top
    Contrast & Shadow Technique.

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