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   OUTDOOR EYES NEWSLETTER May 2005 Issue      

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Philip "PT" Tulin

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  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • Photographing The Damselfly
  • The Winter Of The Great Gray Owl
  • It's The Little Things In Life
  • A Younger Day Fishing Story
  • How To Take Care Of A Camping Stove
  • How To Choose A GPS
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    ...Photographing The Damselfly
    by Lars S. Madsen

    My interest in damselfly photography was actually kindled some time during the summer of 2003 while I was Images  Outdoor Eyes attempting to photograph the Red Deer of Jutland in Denmark. One early June morning I am sitting, looking for Red Deer by a small lake in mid Jutland where I know the deer regularly come. It is just after sunrise but I have already been sitting there for a couple of hours, waiting without any result, just like the evening before.  Top
    Photographing The Damselfly.

    ...The Winter Of The Great Gray Owl
    by Laurie L. Volk

    The winter of 2005 brought a pleasant surprise to Minnesota photographers. Images  Outdoor Eyes I became so intrigued by their peaceful presence, I found myself entranced by observing their beauty and marveling at their "still hunting" techniques. I spent almost every day from mid January through March outside in the snow-banks observing and photographing this "once in a lifetime" event, which peaked my interest in researching this species.  Top
    The Winter Of The Great Gray Owl.

    From The Editor
    It's The Little Things In Life

    I have heard it over and over and over... "It's the little things in life." It's one of my wife's Images  Outdoor Eyes favorite sayings. As we go through life, we get caught up in our job, buying stuff, etc. My wife and I decided to take a few days off to hike, bird watch and photograph. We had been visiting the same area for many years. This time we decided to hike some of the trails that we never hiked before. Sometimes you get wrapped up into the hikes you really love and forget that there may be other hikes out there that are even better. That is exactly what we found. As we proceeded down the new trail, we realized that the Chickadee, Titmouse and the Downey Woodpecker were extremely friendly. In fact, as we met a woman on the trial, the birds were eating seed right out of her hand... for up to 30 seconds at a time. She said "Do you want some seed?" My wife immediately took up her offer and within 1 minute, the birds were in her hand singing away. The woman said "This is a very special place and I have been coming here for years." I said "Please take my business card and pick out any bird photograph that you want. I want to send it to you." Her gift of the few seeds to my wife was better than winning the lottery. We went back to that special trail each and every day. "It's the little things in life that matter."  Top

    A Younger Day Fishing Story
    by Trent Evans

    I jumped out of the truck and said goodbye to my best friend and his grandpa as they drove off. They had Images  Outdoor Eyes just dropped me off at my house after getting out of classes to enjoy an all too short summer between my freshmen and sophomore years in high school. Little did I know, I was in for an unexpected start to the three months of summer vacation.  Top
    A Younger Day Fishing Story.

    How To Take Care Of A Camping Stove
    By Philip Tulin

    Images  Outdoor Eyes All your outdoor gear is as good as you take care of the gear and the camping stove is no exception. Treat your camping stove well and your camping stove will treat you well.  Top
    Take Care Of A Stove.

    How To Choose A GPS

    GPS is short for for Global Positioning System. By use of the network of 24 satellites that constantly Images  Outdoor Eyes circle the earth, a GPS receiver calculates your location (latitude, longitude, and altitude) using information from three or more of the GPS satellites. This allows you to know where you are (and to navigate to a destination) anywhere on earth. A GPS receiver can take your outdoor adventures further than ever, but make sure to also bring a map of the area with you.  Top
    How To Choose A GPS.

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