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Philip "PT" Tulin

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  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • How To Choose Hiking Boots
  • Dramatic Photographs Sell
  • Be Completely Sure
  • There Are Reasons...
  • Leave No Trace
  • Cabin Fever and Feisty Birds!
  • How To Plan A Hike
  • The 4th OE Photography Contest
  • ...The Forum

    Images  Outdoor Eyes Two new exciting topics have been added to the forum:  1. A photography assignment topic for members to share and learn about photographing a specific assignment subject. 2. A digital editing assignment topic for members to share and learn techniques on digital editing.  Top
    Visit the Outdoor Eyes Forum.




    ...The Gallery

    THE GALLERY Many new and exciting features have been recently added to The Gallery. Visit The Gallery to view some talented photographers.  Top
    Learn how to market & sell your photographs online.

    ...How To Choose Hiking Boots
    by Philip Tulin

    Whatever you decided to buy for hiking, your boots are the most important piece of gear to make your Images  Outdoor Eyes hiking pleasurable. If you have uncomfortable hiking boots that don't rise to the occasion, you will be greatly disappointed. And usually, you will be stuck with those hiking boots until you return from your trip.  Top
    How to choose hiking boots.

    ...Dramatic Photographs Sell
    by Robert Hartness

    Ordinary photos of dull subjects do actually sell, but the dramatic shots generally have an unusual Images  Outdoor Eyes element that makes them stand out from the crowd. They are well-composed. They carry no excess baggage. One of the best photos I've seen was taken many years ago in New York Central Station (1928) It's quite famous and you've probably seen it. Sunlight streams in through the windows dominating the scene, while people mill about the expansive floor in a hustle-bustle atmosphere.  Top
    Dramatic photographs sell.

    ...Be Completely Sure
    by Billy Brumble

    I opened the camera back.... only to discover the film had not been rewound into the film canister. Images  Outdoor Eyes Fearing the worst, I took the film to a local developer and returned a couple of hours later. Well, as I feared, there were no pictures of the eagle in the tree, only of him flying away.  Top
    Be completely sure.

    From The Editor
    There Are Reasons...
    And There Are Reasons.

    Not one person can have a perfect life as life is a roller coaster for everyone. There are ups, downs Images  Outdoor Eyes and just when you think there can't be another thing to get you down, another down comes along. But eventually, the roller coaster ride of life comes around and the ups return again. But nothing lasts forever. Your camera breaks for the final time and you order a new one from the store. Your hiking poles break and you purchase some new ones. But there are two thing you can't replace... time and health. So, the next time you say to yourself, "I'll take that hike tomorrow or I'll photograph that place tomorrow" because the weather conditions are just not quite right. Just remember no one is guaranteed time and no one is guaranteed health. You'll eventually realize that whatever the reason for not doing something is not really a reason at all. Because some day you may not have the option of reasons.  Top

    Leave No Trace
    by Philip Tulin

    Once you get in the habit of leaving no trace, it becomes the same as brushing your own teeth. It is Images  Outdoor Eyes easy, protects the environment and at the same time makes you feel good. The resources in the outdoors are not endless and anything that you can do to help our children enjoy the same outdoors is positive.  Top
    Learn how to leave no trace.

    Cabin Fever and Feisty Birds!
    By Carol Afshar

    I love to be out and about in the early morning hours, camera in hand, photo jacket pockets filled with Images  Outdoor Eyes lenses and filters, tripod slung across my back. The anticipation of finding that special shot, an unusual or beautiful picture, gives rise to excitement as I start out on my hike or "hunt" as a friend describes my photo shoots. But a few months ago disaster struck. I broke my foot! Weeks hobbled by and one morning I awoke with a bad case of cabin fever.  Top
    Cabin fever and feisty birds!

    How To Plan A Hike
    By Philip Tulin

    Don't ever start on your hike without a plan. A plan consists of what time you are going to start, what Images  Outdoor Eyes time you are going to arrive at a certain place, what time you plan on starting back and what time you plan on arriving. Always plan your hike to lower the risk of danger. It doesn't take a lot of time and you will be well prepared.  Top
    How to plan a hike.

    The 4th Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest

    The 4th Outdoor Eyes photography contest will begin on February 4th and last for 2 weeks. Images  Outdoor Eyes The 3 winning photographers will receive a free year's membership to The Gallery. There are three categories to enter in - Wildlife, Macro and Landscape.  Top
    Learn about the contest.

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