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Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • My Outdoor Photography Studio
  • Pricing Your Photographs
  • Photographs That Sell
  • The Power Of Text
  • Climbing Mount Elbrus
  • Washed Out Sky Technique
  • Photograph Noise Elimination
  • ...The Forum

    OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes A new addition has been added to the Forum - The OE Café & Coffee Shop. Sit down for a moment, have a cup of coffee, get to know someone and share experiences & interests that you might have in common.  Top
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    ...The Gallery

    Membership in The Gallery has grown dramatically with photographers from around the world. THE GALLERY Many new software enhancements have been added to The Gallery and a new index makes searching even easier. Take a look and visit some talented photographer's galleries.  Top
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    ...My Outdoor Photography Studio
    by Jaybee

    We have the equipment and the motivation but the location and subject are eluding us. We make up excuses OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes in our head as to why we can't travel that far today or the light won't be right for the lake/shore. We have decided to take our camera out on a whim, with no ready made scenarios, and now we are struggling to actually think of somewhere to go and something to photograph.  Top
    My Outdoor Photography Studio. »

    ...Pricing Your Photographs
    by Sal Feliciano

    There is a way to come up with a base price for photographic work. It's actually quite simple, yet will OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes take some time to come to an accurate figure. Keep in mind that the base price varies considerably depending on the particular photographer's situation, not what the market will actually bear, although that does factor somewhat into the equation.  Top
    Learn How To Price Your Photographs.

    ...Photographs That Sell
    by Robert Hartness

    So, what is it about that winning picture that produced a sale? It may good lighting, it may be striking OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes content... but hey, all the pictures submitted were about the same topic, so eliminate that one. Let's face it, there could be a million reasons for the selection of that winner, but there isn't! The winning shot is unusual. It's different from the rest. It's got something the others just don't have. It's got oomph. It's got pizzazz. Call it what you will It's got that winning streak that just knocks spots of the competition. It has? Well what the heck is it? Tell me and we'll bottle it.  Top
    Learn About Which Photographs Sell.

    From The Editor
    The Power Of Text

    I have received a lot of email from people that I only know by their forum name. The subject of their OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes email is always the same... "You have no idea how Outdoor Eyes has helped me". And they were not referring to photography or outdoor adventure. They were referring to life's ups and downs. I was with my cousin and her husband a couple of days ago and we were discussing their past tragedy. For many years, their young son had a drug problem and no matter how much love and devotion was given to their son, drugs finally took the life of their son. They both could have let it stop there and not make any meaning to their son's life. But they couldn't, so they started writing a book. And now, they also get countless letters and email saying the same... "You have no idea how much your book has helped me". It is truly amazing that an idea will have an impact on people's lives that you don't even know. You don't ever think about it, it just happens. And when it does... it's worth all the effort. The power of text is very powerful indeed.  Top

    Climbing Europe's Highest Mountain - Mount Elbrus
    by Michael J. Kelly

    A low murmuring and the rustle of wet rain gear woke me from a light sleep. The French group had returned OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes to the Diesel Hut, our base camp, after an unsuccessful summit attempt. High winds, poor visibility and horizontal hail at 5,000 meters had forced their retreat. Nothing new, no one had summitted in the past month. I rolled over in my sleeping bag, slightly dejected. We had spent a week acclimatizing, and were running out of time. If the weather didn't improve in the next two days there would be no summit for us either.  Top
    Climbing Mount Elbrus. »

    Washed Out Sky Adobe Photoshop Technique
    By Linda Phelps

    Have you struggled with washed out skies. I have. Sometimes you can’t just crop them off. Here are OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes some tips you can use with your editor to help those skies regain some of the natural color as color in the sky can save an image. The following tips will be for use with Adobe Photoshop. I am sure you can convert the names of the items and steps if you use another digital editing program.  Top
    Washed Out Sky Technique. »

    Photograph Noise Elimination
    By Jaybee

    Noise - societies... new Armageddon - it's around us 24/7. We live our lives now with a constant OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes background thump. I get frustrated that I can often do little about it. Digital photography brings yet more noise into our lives, BUT this time I can take full control and tame the speckled beast trying to embed itself into my images. I use two weapons in my fight against digital noise.  Top
    How To Eliminate Noise. »

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