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Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or a new outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • Why Do I Take So Many Flower Photos?
  • Lightweight Gear Rise To Fame
  • The Right Software Can Save Images
  • Be Prepared!
  • The Middle Mekong Dispatch
  • Bill Richardson's Photoshop Actions
  • The 3rd OE Photography Contest
  • Screen Savers for Promotion and Profit
  • ...The Forum

    OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes The Forum membership keeps growing each month from all around the world. With almost 3,000 members and over 10,000 photographs, the Outdoor Eyes forum is the place to visit to learn and also share your photographs. If you haven't participated, take the first step and answer a post or post one of your favorite photographs. You will definitely learn from the experience.  Top
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    ...The Gallery

    Many new exciting features have been recently added to The Gallery to help the THE GALLERY members market and sell their prints online. The newest additions have been visitor comments, professional services (Freelance, Photo Restoration, Weddings, Portraits), notify visitors that you are not available and more.  Top
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    ...Why Do I Take So Many Flower Photos?
    by Andrea Clark (forum contributor)

    The variety of plant life is infinite, from the waxy blooms of the water OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes lily to the delicacy of the fuchsia, from the first bright green unfurling leaves in spring to the crisp russet curls that result when the summer moisture has gone; there is massive scope to use one's imagination in creating exciting, different images.  Top
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    ...Lightweight Gear Rise To Fame
    by Alex Sepulveda

    With so many people obsessed with weight loss these days, it's only fitting OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes that manufacturers of outdoor equipment follow suit. But instead of cutting carbs, gear makers are ditching heavy fabrics and extraneous features for lightweight materials and efficient designs that offer exactly—and only—what outdoor enthusiasts need.  Top
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    ...The Right Software Can Save Images
    by Brandon Batie

    Once in a while circumstances will force every photographer to take an image OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes under less than perfect conditions. Even with the high ISO's, flash exposure compensation and other possible settings you can't always get what you need. This is where having the right software can make the difference between having a good image and hitting the delete button.  Top
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    From The Editor
    Be Prepared!

    Every time I take my kayak out to paddle into the open ocean, I always see paddlers that haven't taken OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes the precautions to protect themselves for an unfortunate occurrence. The paddlers don't wear a PFD, don't carry an extra paddle, no VHF radio and the list goes on. I always sit back and never say anything as it is really not my business. It is their life. But last week, as my wife and I paddled out about 2 miles, we came upon a father and son. It was 30 knot winds and the father was in 50 degree water with the hatch blown open, his kayak sinking and hypothermia setting is. The son was losing his father and if we hadn't come along, that would have been the headline story on the news that night. My wife was chasing the PFD that was floating away and I finally couldn't hold back myself. "Guess you never figured out what to do if you fell in the water?" We saved the father with a tremendous amount of effort as an almost completely filled kayak with water and 30 knot winds is a very difficult rescue. Think ahead when you venture out by yourself in the outdoors when you photograph. Have you protected yourself and brought water, cell phone, medical supplies, etc.? Did you tell anyone where you were going for the day? Be prepared.  Top

    The Middle Mekong Dispatch
    by Michael O’Shea
    (forum contributor)

    I paddled down long sections of swirl rapids until I noticed that what originally appeared to be a stick OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes swaying in the current was actually a king cobra attempting to swim across the Mekong. Not one to miss a photo opportunity I paddled as close as I safely could and began pulling my camera out. I know cobras were good swimmers as I had seen a few cross-creeks in the past but this guy was exceptional. While getting my camera out I took my eye off the eight ball for a couple of moments and before I knew it I was inadvertently sucked into a whirlpool with him.  Top
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    Download Bill's Newest
    Adobe Photoshop Actions

    By Bill Richardson
    (forum contributor)

    Download Bill Richardson's two newest Adobe Photoshop Actions. OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes All of his actions are beneficial. This action is an easy way to rid photos of any nasty color cast with one click. It may not completely solve a severe problem but it will give you a big start.  Top
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    The 3rd Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest
    By Philip Tulin

    The 3rd Outdoor Eyes photography contest will begin on September 24th and last for 2 weeks. OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes The results for the last photography contest have been posted on the OE Forum in the Getting Ahead Section. The winners will receive a free year's membership to The Gallery. There are three categories to enter in - Wildlife, Macro and Landscape.  Top
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    Screen Savers for Promotion and Profit
    By Brandon Batie

    There are many ways to use screen savers to profit from your photography, both directly OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes and indirectly. Of course, the most obvious way is to create a screen saver of your images and sell them. And creating a screen saver from images has never been easier than it is now. There are numerous programs that will compile your images into screen saver format.  Top
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