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Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter & Forum. I realize that not all articles will Logo be of equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • How To Start An Outdoor Magazine
  • New From Old - A Digital Restoration Tutorial
  • Think Out Of The Box
  • Give And You Will Receive
  • To The Starting Line And The Approach
  • Outdoor Writer's Organizations
  • Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest
  • ...The Forum

    OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes The Forum membership keeps growing each month from all around the world. With over 2,600 members and over 10,000 photographs, the Outdoor Eyes forum is the place to visit to learn and also share your photographs. If you haven't participated, take the first step and answer a post or post one of your favorite photographs. You will definitely learn from the experience.  Top
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    ...The Gallery

    Many new photographers have recently joined the popular Gallery to sell their prints online. THE GALLERY Froogle, a large shopping search engine and a division of Google, has included prints from all the photographers registered in The Gallery. There are now over 3,000 prints available for sale in The Gallery and in Froogle.  Top
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    ...How To Start An Outdoor Magazine
    by Brandon Batie (forum contributor)

    When looking into starting an outdoor, or any magazine, you first have to look at if the market can OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes handle the publication. If there are many outdoor related magazines in the area, or newspapers that cover the outdoors, starting a new one will be a lot harder. Content and advertisers will first look to established publications who has the readership already created. If you believe there is a market for a new publication you then have to sit down and decide on several factors. I will not put these in any specific order since each potential publisher will have different priorities and some may affect the others.  Top
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    ...New From Old - A Digital Restoration Tutorial
    by Andrea Clark (forum contributor)

    Restoring images from sources other than your digital camera is a time consuming but satisfying way to OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes utilize and expand your image editing skills. This tutorial describes the steps taken to restore a sepia reproduction print by Arthur Elsley, titled 'Full Inside'. The print dates from 1910 and it was languishing in a frame minus its glass. The damage sustained was mainly 'foxing' of the paper from damp and one rather large scuff mark, so it was not too daunting a project.  Top
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    ...Think Out Of The Box
    by Philip Tulin

    Everyone at times, (including myself) has excuses why not to try different ideas and the underlying theme OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes is usually failure. Once you decide that "Failure is not an option" and any failure that comes along is one step closer to success, you are on your way. If you are happy with photography as a hobby, then keep it that way... enjoy it for what it is and don't try to sell your photographs. No one needs any additional pressure on something that you enjoy. But there is one feeling that you will never experience and that is "Knowing that someone bought one of your photographs, took the time to frame it and hung it on their wall." And somewhere out there your photographs are being seen each day.  Top
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    From The Editor
    Teach And You Will Learn

    My wife and I have been best friends since we met. Once you have a best friend for life, then OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes everything else seems to fall into place. It was only recently that I discovered photography and started to take my camera everywhere I went. My wife and I do everything together: hike, kayak, snowshoe, ski, bird watch, etc. Now, with a camera by my side, there was another element to contend with... almost like a third person involved with all the outdoor activities. I recognized a potential conflict before it became an issue, bought another camera and she inherited the older model. In the beginning, she just carried her camera around and took a few "snapshots". I patiently let her set her own pace for learning as she asked a few questions each time we went out in the great outdoors. Over time, I taught her as much as I knew. I learned a lot during the process and I am very proud of her photographic accomplishments. Is there anyone you can teach? You will learn a lot, too.  Top

    To The Starting Line And The Approach
    by Michael O’Shea
    (forum contributor)

    It is the visions of stunning environments and of regions steeped in ancient culture that will stay with OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes the team longest after our six day four wheel drive ride across China and Tibet to our trek Starting point. In little over 1000 kilometers we past various biomes from regions of temperate pine forest to glacial lakes immense gorges to the rolling grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau. The daily lifestyle of the rural Tibetan people seems to have changed little in centuries with most of the herders living in yak hair tents or mud walled huts.  Top
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    Outdoor Writer's Organizations
    By Capt. Ray Keeling
    (forum contributor)

    If you want to get serious about publishing your photos, consider joining an outdoor writer's OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes organization. It might be the way to get your foot in the door whether it's a state, regional or national organization. These associations aren't just for writers. They consist of members throughout the gamut of print media, radio/TV/video/film, and the Internet. Some of the common threads they share as members are striving to make their craft better, learning, sharing new and old technologies while networking together as a cohesive organization. Most of them have web sites with names and contact information of current members.  Top
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    Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest
    By Philip Tulin

    Outdoor Eyes has always tried to create a different experience with outdoor photography and outdoor adventure. And I believe... the 1st OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes Annual Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest is no exception. There are plenty of Outdoor Photography Contests available but this one has a different twist! The playing field has been leveled so that the beginning photographer as well as the advanced photographer has the same chance to win. The contest is for fun and even though 3 prizes are being awarded, the real prize is if you compete, enjoy the experience and of course learn from other photographers. I hope you have the time to read about the contest and also have the time to participate. The contest begins next week and you will not be disappointed.  Top
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