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In This Issue

  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • How to Approach Big Game Animals
  • Creating Your Own Actions in Photoshop
  • Marketing Your Prints
  • Give And You Will Receive
  • The First Ever Full Mekong Descent By Kayak
  • Creating Light Effects Templates With Adobe
  • Brandon's Photoshop Action Set
  • ...The Forum

    OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes With over 2,500 members and over 9,000 photographs, the Outdoor Eyes forum is the place to visit to learn and also share your photographs. If you haven't participated, take the first step and answer a post or post one of your favorite photographs. You will definitely learn from the experience.  Top
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    ...The Gallery

    Many of the photographers have already sold prints in their Gallery. With extensive marketing by Outdoor THE GALLERY Eyes, the visibility of The Gallery is increasing. The Gallery has recently been approved to be included in a high volume shopping search, which will increase the visibility to The Gallery. If you have your own web site and you need more traffic, The Gallery will increase the traffic to your web site.  Top
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    ...How to Approach Big Game Animals
    by Brandon Batie (forum contributor)

    One of the biggest considerations when approaching a big game animal, be it a deer, an elk, a moose, or OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes any of the others, is the animals attitude. Some animals should not be approached by anyone at anytime. Animals, like people, have personalities. Some are aggressive, nervous or plain mean. Others are sweet and innocent. By closely watching the animal you can get a general idea of the animals personality.  Top
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    ...Creating Your Own Actions in Photoshop
    by Brandon Batie (forum contributor)

    The first is to figure out what you and how to do it then go back and record your actions. This, however, OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes leads to the problem of forgetting what you have done, and having a hard time remembering it. One way to remedy this is to have a note pad handy and write down your steps and settings. The other way is to record your steps with actions.  Top
    Learn About Actions.

    ...Marketing Your Prints
    by John (forum contributor)

    About 2 months ago, I was invited to display OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes about 20-27 pieces of my work in a local Coffee House/Gallery which would be sold off the wall. The proprietor of the Coffee House/Gallery would receive 10% of the gross. I would have the entire month of May for my "show". Knowing I had more than enough marketable prints, I accepted.  Top
    Marketing Your Prints.

    From The Editor
    Give And You Will Receive

    Life is a mixture of many ups and downs and you have to learn to ride the waves of life. About 2 years OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother has traveled all around the world and the walls of her home tell the story. She started learning photography after my father had passed away from cancer about 16 years ago. From the Mountain Gorillas to the heights of Everest, her walls are a filled with 30"x40" prints as well as 8"x10". Everyone that visits her home needs to come an extra hour in advance to take it all in. My mother has learned the value of giving as each time she visits the hospital, I have to bring enough 8"x10" prints to give away to the doctors and nurses; a Taj Mahal for the doctor from India, a Mountain Gorilla to the nurse or a penguin for the aides that helped her walk again. She brings much joy to the people who are working very hard to help cancer patients get back to a quality of life again. She has stated that she will eventually travel and photograph again as she just made reservations to visit the Polar Bears in Churchill later this year. I am hopeful as I am traveling with my mother to photograph the Polar Bears... and this will be the first time we have photographed together.  Top

    The First Ever Full
    Mekong Descent By Kayak

    by Michael O’Shea
    (forum contributor)

    After flying in from Bangkok the team will assemble in the picturesque city of Kunming in Yunnan OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes Province, China. From here we fly to Xining where we begin our trek in four wheel drive vehicles high into the Tibetan Himalayas along precipitous passes. On the way we will see unique Tibetan monasteries, stay with nomadic yak herders high on the Tibetan plateau and meet with the local communities. Once we abandon the vehicles we will turn to yaks to carry us and our gear through the mountains and to the source of the river, which is, at the start quite a small. We will come across stunning glaciers and wilderness scenery on this arduous journey through ice and freezing temperatures.  Top
    Follow This Historic Expedition. »

    Creating Light Effects
    Templates With Adobe Photoshop

    By Brandon Batie
    (forum contributor)

    It’s seldom when shooting outdoor wildlife images when the light catches the scene just right. Most of us OE Digital Photography © Outdoor Eyes spend more time in programs like Photoshop tweaking photos and making adjustments than we do in the field taking photos. It is for this reason that I have started a lighting templates folder on my hard drive. These templates are grayscale images that can be blended onto a photo image to adjust the lighting or add lighting effects, such as streaks and even fog effects.  Top
    Light Effect Templates. »

    Brandon's Photoshop Action Set
    By Brandon Batie
    (forum contributor)

    This action set currently contains 17 different actions: 25% Correction, Full Auto Correction, Curves Correction, Sharpen, Screen, Sharpen Custom, Painting Action, IR Action plus many more. This action should be included in everyone's tool box.  Top
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