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  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • Keep Shooting And Learning
  • Saving The Whales On Cape Cod
  • Don't Put Off Another Day
  • Ideas On How To Get Started
  • IR Photography
  • Infrared Photoshop Action
  • ...The Forum

    OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes NEW ADDITION TO THE FORUM: A "Galley Category" has been recently added to the Outdoor Eyes Forum. It allows gallery members to post helpful hints and tips about marketing your prints, search engines/indexing and designing your gallery.  Top
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    ...The Gallery

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    ...Keep Shooting And Learning
    by JackB (forum contributor)

    I am an old guy who learned photography in a different way. One of my first cameras was an old 35mm fixed OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes lens. I think I did select the real glass lens instead of plastic, even though it was still fixed. "Fixed" lens means that there is no way to focus. There was nothing to set as the shutter speed was fixed at 1/60th or 1/100 second. You could not add filters and all you could do is point and shoot. The film could only be developed as a 3x5 inch print.  Top
    Keep on shooting.

    ...Saving The Whales On Cape Cod
    by Mel (forum contributor)

    What began as a day of great anticipation turned out to be one of mixed emotions. My husband and I had OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes just arrived at Wellfleet Harbor and were getting ready for an eight mile paddle out to Billingsgate Island and Jeremy Point. The timing was perfect; it was low tide. As we were loading the kayaks with our gear, an elderly gentleman stopped by and informed us that he had just heard on the news that the 51 pilot whales had beached themselves in Wellfleet Bay. We didn't waste a minute launching our kayaks. We had to try to save the whales!  Top
    Saving The Whales

    From The Editor
    Don't Put Off Another Day

    Life is a mixture of many wonderful opportunities and you have to be able to recognize opportunities as OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes well create your own. Every day life changes. Maybe you've just been married, maybe you're a parent, maybe you're a grandparent or maybe you're just a lot older than that person who graduated from high school years ago. And then, all of a sudden, those five depressing words come into your mind... the same five words that appear in thousands of minds each and every day. "Oh, I wish I had..." Well, don't be too alarmed. Ray Kroc started McDonald's at 55 (entirely in debt) and Colonel Harland Sanders actively began franchising his chicken business at the age of 65. So, there is always time left to attempt those challenges that were placed on the shelf for later. You just have to decide to take those risks and go forward with any of those challenges. Sometimes, when you look back, the decision was actually harder than the challange. And remember... every year that goes by gives you another reason not to begin today.  Top

    Ideas On How To Get Started
    Becoming A Photographer

    by Sal Feliciano
    (forum contributor)

    I just show up. These are usually public events in which anyone can attend. OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes As long as you are not making a public spectacle of yourself, you should be be able to photograph the event. The last graduation I attended, as it turned out, was tough to photograph as the stage and lighting made conditions difficult. I knew by the stage layout and the cameras around me that the pictures from others were going to turn out less than acceptable.  Top
    Ideas On How To Start.

    IR Photography
    By Brad Buskey
    (forum contributor)

    In my quest to play with filters, I figured my next step was to get an infrared filter. I read a bit OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes about them, and saw many statements of "they won't work on the G3 or most digital cameras." Ok, this is mostly correct. No, the G3 was not designed for IR photography, nor are most digital cameras. They have a filter at the CCD chip that filters out IR light to reduce the noise level. There are varying degrees of this technology. Some say the Minolta Dimage is a great IR camera as well as the Canon G1 and G2. I figured, if I could get the filter cheap enough, it did not hurt to try. I finally found the Hoya Infrared R72 filter on eBay for $30. Too good to pass up. My journey into the infrared world was about to begin.  Top
    IR Photography.

    Infrared Photoshop Action
    By Brad Buskey
    (forum contributor)

    After reading Brad's article on Infrared Photography, download his Adobe Photoshop action that will switch the color channels, perform the auto levels along with color and contrast functions. Only the curves are necessary for manual adjustment.  Top
    Download IR Photoshop Action.

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