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Welcome To The New OE Forum And Hope To Hear From All Of You

Posted: Mon May 09, 2022 8:23 pm
by PT
The new OE Forum was placed back online after being offline for about 20 years. The old OE Forum was one of the popular forums on the Internet with at that time with 10,000+ members and over 200,000+ posts. Unfortunately, there were hackers at that time, too. And hackers took down the forum twice. And after the second time, the forum was gone forever.

I have a lot of experience in many of the topics on the OE Forum and I will share those experiences with photos as the days and weeks go by. I hope you will take the time to become a member, even if there are only a few members and a few posts at this time. Everything takes a while to grow and the information on the forum will be informative and interesting in many of the categories that I will post in.

And I hope to hear from all of you who happen to stop by.