Jake Burton Historical Moment (Burton Snowboards)

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Jake Burton Historical Moment (Burton Snowboards)

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In the year 1977, I was in Londonderry VT skiing at Magic Mountain for the winter. But one Saturday day, it was a bit raw, damp, foggy weather and I decided to not ski and just take a little walk through Londonderry.

I saw an interesting building and I decided to go in to see what was going on. I said to the person working, “What is this all about?” As I was an avid surfer on the East Coast, I had seen what looked like a very small surfboard (or a very large skateboard) with 2 skegs on the side of a wooden board. He turned to me and said something about revolutionizing the skiing industry by surfing on the snow.

I was hooked on this new idea and concept. I said “What’s your name?” He said “Jake Burton.”

We talked for a while and I purchased his snowboard. Little did I know that I talking and witnessing history in the making.

PS: I never did like the concept of the orange cord and handle on the snowboard. But I wish I still had that orange cord and handle today. :D
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