Turning My Hobby Into A Business

Post your questions and information on the business of being a photographer.
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Turning My Hobby Into A Business

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Sometimes, with no particular planning, you go into another direction with a hobby. In this case, my hobby of photography turned into a very large business. It all came about when a friend of mine sent me a photo note card for my birthday. I looked at the card and thought “I can do this and maybe even a little better!” Little did I know that it wasn’t as simple as 1,2,3 as I had to research so much to start my business:

1. How was I going to sell my cards?
2. How was I going to print my photographs?
3. How was I going to make notecards?
4. How was I going to sell my note cards?
5. And on and on and on….

Fortunately, my husband wrote all the software for order entry, inventory control, customer order forms and everything else I needed for a successful business. I sell both wholesale to retailers and retail to end users (on the Internet).

The last 2+ years have seen a lot of retailers go out of business and many of my largest accounts have gone out of business. But I still keep moving forward and I now have 550+ different note cards, 8x10 prints, 11x14 prints and outdoor jewelry.

I write a daily blog and also post on Facebook.

Here are my websites:

Outdoor Eyes Cards

My Outdoor Photography Blog
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