Travel Light and Travel Simply On-The-Go Photography

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Travel Light and Travel Simply On-The-Go Photography

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The following are examples of my digital photographs that were used on a magazine cover and a separate magazine article.

12123C6A-84C0-47C6-8784-5D90DCE1C6C1.jpeg (40.24 KiB) Viewed 192 times
31447366-F5B4-4F85-962F-AE3965840763.jpeg (35.9 KiB) Viewed 192 times

As you can see, the limitations of travel light and travel simply are just in your mind whether On-The-Go Photography is used on land or at sea. In the study of 28 Tall Ships, the photographs had to be taken extremely rapidly. The wind and the current were very strong as well as the problem of the constant shifting of the kayak. One distinct advantage that digital photography has over traditional film is the ability to take many photographs without having to change memory cards. Imagine having to change traditional film in a shifting kayak with the Tall Ships rapidly sailing by. This experience was truly a form of On-The-Go Photography. Similar situations will also occur on land, too.

Many articles have been written on the limitations of any creative craft based on the tools available. I do not believe in that concept since it seems to impose a distinct limitation on the creative process. The emphasis has always been about the tools available and not about the inner mind's creative eye. Why does the Beatle's album of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band still set a standard today when the album was recorded in 4 track studio? Why does artwork of the past create such a creative emotion with people today? What about Ansel Adams' photography? Shouldn't the creative level be even greater today since more sophisticated tools are available? Or has better tools stifled the creative process? When you learn to create with the available tools and you don't impose a self limitation, your creativity flourishes. So why not travel light and travel simply?
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