What To Bring Snowshoeing (Day Hike)

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What To Bring Snowshoeing (Day Hike)

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Snowshoeing can be dangerous and you must prepare in advance by dressing for the elements and bringing the right gear in case of an emergency. You must remember that you are going outdoors in a cold environment and whenever there is cold, there is always a chance of hypothermia. When you take your first step on your snowshoes, you should always ask the same question to yourself. "Do I have enough food and protection to stay overnight if I injure myself?" You never know what is going to happen on a bright, sunny, calm day. It's better to carry a little extra and be safe. When I am done for the day, I always replace anything I've used for that day in my fanny pack. That way, whenever I snowshoe again, I always know that I have the necessary gear in my fanny pack.

What Supplies To Bring:

1) First Aid Kit: I use a small zip lock bag for my first aid kit as the bag keeps everything inside dry. These are some of the items that I carry. You may add or delete some items based on your needs. We The kit takes up very little space in my fanny pack and I rarely ever use the first aid kit. It is always there if I ever need it. Most of the items were bought at a discount store that sells trial samples. They come in their own individual small packs.
- Pain reliever pills
- Multiple size Band-Aids
- Sewing Kit (The kind you get in your hotel room.)
- Gauze for bruises
- Antiseptic cream
- Tweezers
- Moleskin in case of blisters
- Cotton balls
- Q-Tips
- Tissue pack
- Anti-bacterial creme
- Pre-moistened towelette
- Insect bite ointment
- Tongue depressor for splint
- Duct tape

2) Sunscreen
3) Flashlight or headlamp
4) Sunglasses
5) Map and compass
6) Knife
7) Water
8) High energy bars
9) Trail mix
10) Whistle
11) Lunch
12) Dry matches
13) Nylon cord
14) Small pair of binoculars
15) Small space blanket (double one)
16) GPS (optional)
17) Cell phone
18) Extra clothing (indicated in the next section)

Always be prepared by deciding on what to bring snowshoeing before you start your hike for the day.
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