Kayaking Taken Away From Us Due To Warmer Water

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Kayaking Taken Away From Us Due To Warmer Water

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For the last 20+ years, we've enjoyed ocean kayaking in many beautiful areas off of Cape Cod. We expected to be able to kayak all of those areas for the rest of our lives. Some of the areas had seals that came up to our boats. But with climate change, the environmental impact of all of those areas were impacted by the temperature of the water increasing slowly.

And with every 1 degree temperature change, the seals stayed longer in the area and the Great White Sharks started moving up the East Coast farther and earlier than they previously ever did.

And now, almost all of our favorite paddling areas have been taken away from us due to the danger of the Great White Sharks. The map displays the abundance of the Great White Shark sightings for the past year just in the Monomoy Island area (which is only a small portion of the kayaking areas and if I had enlarged the map, it would show even a larger amount of sightings in the Monomoy area).

Nothing lasts forever and we a happy we were able to even enjoy that area before it was taken away from us. :(
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