The 100 Year Flood

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The 100 Year Flood

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In 2013, a 100 year flood hit Estes Park, CO. For many years, the town was warned that there was a potential for possible major destruction if the bridges over the rivers coming near the town were not raised or if the rivers were not widened to accommodate any major amount of additional water flowing down the rivers.

Ester Park is located near Rocky Mountain National Park and there is always a melting of the snow in the spring and summer months that add additional water to the rivers. This is not what happened, though.

A major rain storm stopped over Estes Park and inches of rain fell for days in Rocky Mountain National Park and in Estes Park. After a while, the river beds could not handle the rain plus the melting snow, too. You could see and feel that something bad was about to happen as you watched the rivers near your home get louder and more violent.

Then, as if someone opened the drain, the rivers slowly started surrounding many of the lodges next to the rivers plus many of the homes. The noise of the rivers were extremely loud as we went downtown and watched the river start going down the center of the main street and surrounding all the businesses. Suddenly, the roads out of Estes Park and into Estes Park were cut off for weeks. We were on an island now.

Fortunately, everyone was safe and the rebuilding started as soon as the sun started shinning and the waters receded. Life goes on with climate change, but there will be another one again, but sooner than another 100 years.
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