So, This Is Going To Date Me!

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So, This Is Going To Date Me!

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Everyone will be able to count backwards on the following statement. This is a photograph of me about 55 years ago with my first surfboard. It was a 9' 6" G&S (Gordon & Smith) surfboard that I purchased for $190 (a lot of $$ in those days). It weighed about as much as I did and with my small body and short arms, it was a tough surfboard to carry. But it was the first surfboard (and not the last surfboard) that I purchased and it lasted in great condition for many years. I sold all of my 5 surfboards when I moved to Colorado (didn't think I would need a surfboard ever again), but I'm now back living right next to my surfing beaches and my heart misses all of my surfboards, even if I don't surf anymore. But I always go out in the morning to watch everyone surf and I do enjoy watching as it still gives me the feeling of surfing.
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