TG-6 Olympus Waterproof Canera

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TG-6 Olympus Waterproof Canera

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I believe that the TG-6 Olympus Waterproof camera is one of the best waterproof cameras available today. I use the camera while kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hiking and also if I am outside hiking in a wet situation (rain, sniw, fog, etc.).

I added a rope strap to the camera instead of the strap that came with the camera as I wanted to be able to clip a carabiner to the rope strap when kayaking.

The Olympus software Ol Share doesn’t have a Bluetooth setting and that’s a bit of a pain for the camera if I want to edit or post any photo image on my cell phone.

The TG-6 is a pocketable, ultra-rugged camera with a blend of features that will appeal to many different audiences:

1. If you need a camera that can be dropped or get wet, unlike a smartphone.
2. If you like to do underwater photography.
3. GPS: if you want to know location and altitude which is placed into the metadata of the photos. The environmental sensors also include an altimeter/depth gauge, compass, accelerometer and thermometer
4. Numerous scene modes are available and nicely organized.
5. Digital microscope mode for macro photography.
6. 25mm to 100mm f2 lens.
7. Raw files.
8. 300+ photos per charged battery.
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