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All Trails GPS Hiking App

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The All Trails Hiking GPS App is an excellent App to help you locate new trails to hike on as well as helping you hike on trails that you are familiar with. The free App will help you with new and old trails, but it is missing some key features that are very important if you are a serious hiker.

You can pay yearly for a subscription or you can pay for a lifetime membership as I did (not sure if they still offer a lifetime membership?).

The 2 key features of being a member are:
Lifeline: The App will send out information to up to 5 people of your hiking location during your hike. This is a very valuable way of being helped if you get into a troublesome situation.
Download maps: You can download your hiking map in advance and plan you hike in advance with elevation and other festures. The advantage is that you don’t have to rely on an Internet connection to view your map at all times. This is a much more reliable method if you are in areas of weak Internet connection. Also, if you don’t have an unlimited Internet plan, your download and connection usage might be a problem for your plan.

Otherwise, whatever you decide (free or membership), you won’t be disappointed at all. You will discover so many new trails and your hiking experience will be much more enjoyable,

There are many features like following other hikers in your area to discover new trails, uploading photos, commenting, etc,
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