Have Enough Water When Climbing High

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Have Enough Water When Climbing High

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I remember this day for 2 reasons:
1. It was my first attempt at climbing at a high elevation (12,300’).
2. It was the first time I ran out of water.

I came prepared as I always normally do when I hike. I had all the necessary things in my backpack that I needed for a successful attempt for my first high altitude hike. I was prepared and confident.

But, I didn’t really realize how much water someone drinks during a high altitude, hot weather climb. I had filled my hydration water bladder up to the top with ice and water.

About 300 yards from the top, I realized that I would be out of water. My husband said “We must turn around to be on the safe side as he had some water left in his bladder that we could share.” I said that we were too close to turn around.

Not having enough hydration at high altitudes is extremely dangerous and you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks.

We evaluated the situation and realized that I still had some ice in my bladder and we could also take some snow from the snow field nearby.

We made it to the top and rationed our water on the way down. The next day we both bought larger bladders for our backpacks and never ran out of water ever again.
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