Bird Photography: Technical Or Artistic?

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Bird Photography: Technical Or Artistic?

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In a period from October 2003 and until April 2004, my photographic work almost exclusively consisted of bird photography. During this time I have been thinking about what makes a good bird photo. I have reached the conclusion that there are two completely different directions in which one can take bird photography: the technically minded, or the more artistically inspired photography.

The Technical Direction

By this I mean creating images that are primarily of interest to other people interested in ornithology. Lars S Madsen Photography © Lars S Madsen The photos falling into this category are often pure species portraits where the primary attention is paid to the look or behavior of the bird. Everything else than the bird is often unwanted in the photograph, and therefore cropped out, or thrown completely out of focus, and often an image of the bird in profile, front-lit and showing the bird’s characteristics are preferable.

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