Be Curious, Remember And It Will Come

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Be Curious, Remember And It Will Come

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You don't have to read every field guide to learn about nature and wildlife. All you have to do is observe, question and write it down (yes, use a little notebook or your cell phone).

Nature is not as random as people tend to believe. Why does one particular photographer have more sunset and sunrise photo opportunities? Is that person just plain lucky?

That person has learned to live in-the-moment and observe all the elements that created that opportunity: temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, time of day, etc. And all the elements of that particular moment have been saved in a little notebook or your cell phone that can be recalled for another photo opportunity.

Think about a time you walked outside at the beach and smelled the ocean air, looked at the brilliant red sun and felt the warmth on your arms. You definitely knew that it is about to be a great beach day because of your stored memory in your brain that related to those elements of a perfect beach day.

Store that information and when you recall and use them, you will have more photography opportunities. Be Curious, Remember And It Will Come.
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