History Of The Old OE Forum

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History Of The Old OE Forum

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Welcome to the new Outdoor Eyes Photography & Outdoor Adventure Forum.

In 2002, the Outdoor Eyes Forum started with one registered member (me). :) I didn't know if anyone would ever join and I started posting articles, questions and photographs. Little by little, word started spreading around the Internet (as that time it was just word of mouth).

In 2005, I was hiking 6 National Parks (Zion, Canyonlands - Needles & Island In The Sky, Bryce, Arches and Rocky Mountain National Park) and I was in Ruby's (Bryce) in the lounge trying to get an Internet connection (Internet was tough in those days with my separated wifi card placed in a slot in an outdated laptop). Finally after multiple tries, I got an Internet connection and went to see what was going on in the Outdoor Eyes Forum as I wanted to share some of my National Park photographs.

The Outdoor Eyes Forum had grown to over 50,000+ members and 950,000+ posts (which was huge in those days). Everyone on the forum was so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, answering questions, asking questions and posting photographs.

But today would be different as a large message appeared on my screen as I tried to view the forum. It was a boasting message of "YOUR FORUM HAS BEEN HACKED AND I HAVE TAKEN IT DOWN." A person had hacked the forum and within seconds, destroyed the whole forum. What a senseless and totally useless crime that ended up creating sadness for so many people who participated in the Outdoor Eyes Forum. Years of work was destroyed.

This week I woke up and maybe it's due to all what is going on in the world today or maybe it's just nostalgia? I decided to bring back the Outdoor Eyes Forum. Today is much different from 2005 as now you have Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and many other forum websites that are quite capable of doing everything that the Outdoor Eyes Forum could do.

But, Outdoor Eyes was always different, always added to someone's knowledge, was progressive and the forum was definitely fun. It also did bring an entirely different community together many years ago. The Outdoor Eyes Forum may never be as big as it once was or maybe it will become even bigger? But, it really doesn't matter as now it's back online and I really feel good about bringing the forum back online.

But along with setting up the forum again, I had to take the Outdoor Eyes website (that was neglected for many years) and bring up to 2021 website standards. I redesigned the Outdoor Eyes website along with making the website mobile accessible, too.

And finally... it’s funny to think that the last time that the Outdoor Eyes Forum was online was when I used a 40mg tower computer with a 486dx2 processor (128mb memory) that sat on the floor along with VGA monitor. Things have certainly changed.

Hope to see anyone reading this post become a member. Maybe even some of the old Outdoor Eyes Forum Members may return, too? Say "Hello" if you are an old time member. Looking forward to sharing photographs, information and new ideas with you on the new Outdoor Eyes Forum.

PS Just noticed that one of the original Outdoor Eyes Forum members just became a member. A big welcome to Pam C. :D
...Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes
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