"Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes" Rocky Mountain National Park
Field Course & Guided Tours

Visiting A National Park:
© Philip Tulin Many visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park miss a lot during their tour of the park. It is not because they failed to visit every area of the park (because it is never possible), it is because they miss seeing, hearing and experiencing everything around them when they are driving, walking or hiking through the park. They don't know how to use their 5 senses to really see and experience not only the National Park, but even their own back yard. I recall a conversation at dinner with my best friend (who is extremely successful in business). He knew that I was an avid birder and bird photographer. He was so proud when he said, "I saw this amazing, beautiful red bird in the backyard of my home that I've never seen before." Of course, I knew immediately that it was a cardinal, seen quite often every day of the year. Here was a man, who is wealthy enough to go away on vacations every 4-6 weeks to all corners of the world. And he never noticed a red cardinal in the backyard of his home. How much more did he miss during all his trips? He is a very smart individual, but he never learned to "See Through Outdoor Eyes".
What Is Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes?:
Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes is an on-the-trail interactive field course that introduces and educates participants to all aspects of outdoor adventure and outdoor photography. The course is for 7 hours... so bring plenty of food and water. Participants are not required to have any previous knowledge of outdoor adventure or outdoor photography. The field course gives the participant basic skills in many aspects of outdoor adventure and outdoor photography such as:

    © Philip Tulin
  • 5 Senses: Develop skills necessary to enjoy the great outdoors with the use of the five senses: Art Of Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Smelling & Tasting.
  • Wildlife: Understanding Bird Language, 5 Voices Of The Birds, Bird Watching, Where To Look For Wildlife, Wildlife Tracking.
  • Trees, Flowers & Birds: How to identify Trees, Flowers & Birds.
  • Independence: Develop skills that allow a participantís independence in the outdoors and develop new interests and a sense of excitement every time a participant enters a new National Park.
  • Law Of Attraction: How to use the law of attraction to take award winning photographs of wildlife.
  • Hiking: Hypothermia, Leave No Trace, Finding Your Direction, Planning A Hike, Hydration, First Aid, How To Enjoy & Plan A Safe Hike, High Altitude Hiking.
  • How To Choose & Use A GPS, Binoculars, Maps, Snowshoes, Boots, Tents, Backpacks and much more.
  • Photography: Outdoor & Nature Photography, Composition, Bird & Wildlife Photography, Landscape Photography, Macro Photography.
  • On-The-Go Photography. Learn how to take award winning photographs using an inexpensive camera while still enjoying the great outdoors. Participants will learn how to use their knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife to improve their outdoor photography.

Custom Designed Field Course For A Family Or A Group:
A custom designed field course is available for a family or group. Select only the topics that you want to learn about, select the date, select the starting time, the ending time... and you will be on your way!
About Philip & Mel Tulin:
Philip & Mel are self taught outdoor adventurers and outdoor photographers, who currently reside in Estes Park, CO. They have always enjoyed outdoor adventure that includes hiking, birding, mountain Mel & Philip climbing, surfing, ocean sea kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing and much more. Philip is an entrepreneur (started numerous companies) and Mel is a special education teacher. When digital photography became a reality, they became interested in photography and they developed a photography technique that fits their outdoor adventure lifestyle (On-The-Go Photography - OTG). Their photographs include landscape and wildlife, but they specialize in bird photography in their natural habitat without the use of blinds. "On-The-Go Photography" is for the person who wants to enjoy the great outdoors and, at the same time, take award winning photographs with an inexpensive camera.

  • Their photographs have been purchased by over 1,000 individuals and businesses in the USA and Canada.
  • Their photographs and articles have been published in many national magazines and newspapers.
  • Philip has won multiple Audubon photography contest awards.
  • They have hiked and photographed many of the Rocky Mountain National Park trails.
  • They have sea kayaked down the coast of Kauai and Maui with the humpback whales, giant sea turtles, seals, etc. and have paddled on many sea kayaking adventures on the east coast.
  • They are currently writing an outdoor adventure and outdoor photography weekly column for the Estes Park Newspaper.
  • Their Outdoor Eyes Newsletter on outdoor adventure and outdoor photography is read by over 10,000+ subscribers.
Some On-The-Go Photography Results:
Magazine Articles
Kayaking Articles & Photographs In National Magazines
Magazine Cover
Kayak Magazine Cover Photograph (Mel & Our Kayaks)
Estes Park News
Newspaper Cooper's Hawk Cover Photograph
Newspaper Center Spread
13x17 Newspaper Centerfold Pika Photograph

Outdoor Eyes Resource Website:
© Philip Tulin Outdoor Eyes is dedicated to bring people together with common interests in outdoor adventure and outdoor photography. The Outdoor Eyes website includes hundreds of articles on outdoor photography, digital editing, expeditions, wildlife, kayaking, photography techniques, snowshoeing, birding & bird photography, backpacking, camping, GPS and much more. 10,000+ subscribers receive the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter containing articles on outdoor adventure and outdoor photography. There are over 250,000 posts from outdoor adventurers and outdoor photographers on the Outdoor Eyes Forum. Many of the Outdoor Eyes articles will be the basis of the "Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes" field seminar and all course participants will be able to review their learning experience from the field course articles available on Outdoor Eyes.

Possible Sightings On The Trail
(including the Red-naped Sapsucker displayed above)... and much more.

NOTE: All photographs displayed on this page were taken in Rocky Mountain National Park
Elk Elk Coyote Coyote
Steller's Jay Steller's Jay Big Horn Sheep Big Horn Sheep (On The Way To The Trail)
Gray Jay
Gray Jay
Assorted Squirrels & Chipmunks
Assorted Squirrels & Chipmunks
Assorted Butterflies (depending on the month)
Assorted Cacti & Wildflowers
Assorted Cacti & Wildflowers

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