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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sell anything in my Gallery?
No - You can have a Gallery for viewing only. You have total control and flexibility with your Gallery. You can sell your photographs, prints, greeting cards, note cards, calendars, etc. or you can have a viewing only gallery to share your photographs with friends and family. You can mix and match (have some for selling and some for viewing). You can change your Gallery at any time.
Do I have to have my own web site?
No. If you have your own web site, you can link your Gallery to your own web site.
Do I have to be a business with a tax id?
No. If you can just be an individual selling your photographs.
Are there any hidden costs?
No. Whatever option you register for is the cost. There are NO additional costs.
Does the Gallery charge a commission for any of my sales?
No. There is no sales commission.
How do I pay for my Gallery registration?
You can either pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal. If for some reason, you feel that the Gallery is not for you when you start setting up your Gallery, you will receive a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days.
Is the Gallery easy to set up as I do not have any programming knowledge?
The Gallery is very easy to set up as there is a step-by-by guidance to help you. You DO NOT have to have any programming knowledge as you answer questions Yes/No, enter colors, enter text, etc.
Who prints the photographs and who ships the photographs?
You have complete control with your photographs. You either print them yourself or you have a photography lab print your photographs. You receive the order and you ship your own photographs. It is your business and you control the whole operation of your business.
Do I directly receive payment for all sales in my Gallery?
Yes. The gallery does not collect any payment for any sales in Your Gallery. All payments go directly to you.
Will my Gallery membership price increase?
No. If the Gallery registration price goes up, your membership cost will always remain the same and will never increase. If you have a lifetime membership, you will never incur another cost. There is a limit on the number of lifetime memberships that will be accepted in the Gallery.
Can I cancel my Gallery registration at any time?
Yes. You can cancel Your Gallery registration at any time. There is no refund for canceling your registration.
How do I submit my images to my Gallery?
You select the image on your computer and click the upload button. Your image is added to Your Gallery and a thumbnail image is created automatically for you.
Can I have my own URL for my Gallery?
Yes. You can enter whatever name you want for Your Gallery URL as long as that name has not been taken already.
How do I keep my images from being copied and used?
Everyone that posts their images on the Internet has the possibility of someone thinking that they can take them. Even though The Gallery has safety features built in, there is not perfect system as anyone can go around all features on any web site on the Internet. You can use the copyright feature in The Gallery which automatically adds a copyright to each of your images. The copyright is not embedded in the image, just displayed on top of the image. The right click on the mouse used for the copy image command has been disabled in The Gallery. Also, the resolution of your images posted prevent people from printing your photographs.
Can I change my Gallery anytime I want to?
Yes. Add new images, delete old images, change the text, change the title, change the colors, etc.
Do I have to know any programming?
No. Not at all. You just enter your colors, titles, images, descriptions, etc. The Gallery software creates Your Gallery automatically for you.
How can I be paid for my photography sales?
You can be paid by credit card, by check, by money order, bank check, e-check, debit card, cash, etc.
Do I have to market my Gallery?
Your Gallery is submitted to Google, Froogle, etc. and is seen on the Outdoor Eyes Home Page, on articles, on the forum, on the newsletter, etc. There are also numerous Gallery marketing tools available for you to help market Your Gallery.
What happens when I am on vacation?
Enter the dates that you will leave and return in Your Gallery When a visitor enters Your Gallery, a message will appear indicating that you are presently away.
What are the rules on exclusivity?
There are no rules on exclusivity. Any of your images can be added to your Gallery, even if they are available on other sites.


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