The Reward Of Being A Contributing Member Of A Team
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Team Work:
Geese when heading south for the winter are a beautiful sight and sound, flying in the V formation. There is far more than meets the eye in the sequence of events. Science has discovered why they fly that way. It has been learned that, as each goose flaps its wings, it creates an "uplift" for the bird immediately following. This affects the entire V formation on the whole flock and adds approximately 71% greater flying range, than if each bird flew on its own.
Canada Geese Photography  Outdoory Eyes Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag plus the resistance of flying alone...then quickly moves back into formation,to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front of it. When the lead bird tires, it rotates back into the flock and lets another lead the way. The honking we hear from the formation, is usually from behind, this is to encourage those ahead to keep up their speed.
In the event that a goose might get sick, wounded or falls out of the group, two geese drop out of formation and fly along to help protect it. They will stay with the goose until it dies or is able to fly once again. Then they will attempt to either try to catch up with their original flock or join up with another formation on the flight path south.
It is the season for this occurrence and something to think about....the reward of being a contributing member of a team.

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